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How to Add Value to Your Home: Whether You’re Thinking of Selling or Not

Our homes are almost always our greatest investments, so spending money on improvements is a popular way to enhance the value of our bricks and mortar.

Whether you’re thinking of selling to upsize or downsize, trying to increase your equity for a planned valuation or even just keeping up with the neighbours, it’s good to know what the best moves are to achieve the optimum return and how to add value to your home.

It’s important to be aware that improvements can vary across the country in terms of adding value to your home. The ONS has a great post regarding the potential value of an extension whilst Checkatrade looks at the potential reward for building a conservatory. Yopa says a new kitchen can add 4% to your valuation whilst new bathrooms and an en suite bathroom can add up to 50% according to The Property Centre.

Upgrades that need time and investment to add value

Significant improvements will require thought and planning as well as funding and maybe even planning permission but are worth considering if you can afford them because of their potential for yielding much greater rewards and extra living space beyond your existing layout.

Here are just some of the options, many of which Creating Spaces Group can help you with.

Fit a new kitchen

Contemporary kitchen in zola gloss ivory

The current trend towards a ‘living kitchen’ and open plan living means that kitchen renovations and extensions are some of today’s more popular improvements which can change the character of your home and how you live in it.

Creating Spaces provides elegant and tailormade solutions, with a turnkey project managed installation project ideal for those who lead busy lives. Visit our showrooms in Copley near Halifax for inspiration and to chat through your options. We can even manage a full extension project on your behalf with our elegant modular designs.

An article by the Post Office suggests that spending £7500 can add as much as 26% to the property value. It’s an eye-catching improvement and can be even further enhanced by combining your kitchen and dining space.

A new kitchen needs careful planning to make the most of what will be a considerable investment. Think carefully and research who your contractor(s) will be for this project as it will involve multiple skilled tradespeople. You’ll need a reputable company capable of organising all these trades effectively and economically, particularly if the project is part of your plan to put your home on the market.

Build an extension

Flat roof extension

Why not consider building additional single-storey space using modular extension techniques? Traditional two-storey extensions will add value but will take far longer, create far more disruption and be considerably more expensive

The perfect alternative is a prefabricated single-storey extension. Most components are assembled offsite and then constructed in a fraction of the time on your premises, and permitted development rules usually mean you won’t need planning permission. Talk to your local council or local planning authority.

Most people add an extension to their homes to create a spacious kitchen diner, but with the Creating Spaces modular designs the possibilities are endless – home office space, games rooms, an extra master bedroom with a downstairs bathroom, and even a home gym.

The design options are unlimited too – you can specify a space to express your requirements, with differing door, window and roof styles to complement your property. It’s a great option which can be completed within as little as six weeks from initial specification and order, with only around one week on-site carrying out the build.

If you need an incentive to think harder about this, take a look at recent ONS figures which suggest that even a 15m2 extension could add £35.5k to the value of your home in England and Wales.

Improve energy efficiency

If you’re selling your home, you’ll probably already have an energy performance certificate (EPC). This document will also clarify steps you can take to improve efficiency and step up the rating. Implementing these (often simple and inexpensive) changes will also increase the value of your property. If you don’t have an EPC, consider getting one even if you aren’t selling at the moment – they’re valid for 10 years and can often give guidance on quick and easy wins.

Focus too on immediately beneficial moves such as adding insulation to the loft space. If you have any additional cash and your heating system is a little outdated and less than energy efficient, consider investing in a new central heating boiler or even a heat pump; there are grants to help with the cost of this.

If budget allows, then the new windows and doors we install at Creating Spaces will be significantly more energy efficient than the original upvc. If an extension is where you’d like to improve your home, then take a look at our modular options – also offering considerable energy-saving benefits.

Consider a loft conversion

If you have roof space and the access requirements don’t encroach too much on your existing living space, a loft conversion can be a valuable addition to your home for an ensuite master bedroom, comfortable office space, and extra living or storage space.

You’ll need a staircase to access the room, so it’s important to think about where this will go and whether will it make one of your existing rooms too small or too awkward to be useable. If you’re completing the build to meet your requirements this may not be something that matters to you, but take an objective view on how someone else may feel about the configuration you’ve created when you come to sell the property. It’s often worth consulting with a local estate agent on whether this is a good move and how to add value to your home for potential buyers.

According to Homebuilding & Renovating, a typical loft conversion costs around £500-600/m² – roughly half the cost of a brick-built extension.

As a guideline, a recent survey by quotes that it could add £23,754.57 on average to the value of your property, and you will probably only require planning permission if you want to add a dormer rather than roof lights.

Replacing windows and doors

Casement windows in dining room

Think about your doors and windows. Adding new, stylish designs with double glazing and even triple glazing can massively increase kerb appeal as well as provide significant improvements in energy efficiency. Sweeping bifold doors are increasingly popular, letting extra natural light flood into a room and enhancing the transition from home to garden, at an average cost of £4,000.

The choices are endless, take a look at our doors and windows range.

Add an extra bedroom

If you have a large bedroom in your house, you can increase the property value by dividing it into two with an internal wall and marketing the house as a 4-bedroom rather than a 3-bedroom home for those wanting more space. However, it’s important here to be aware of the ceiling price and average price for houses on your street before investing, as well as make sure the resultant spaces do not become so small they are unusable for potential buyers.

Replace kitchen worktops

New kitchen worktop and sink with spotlights
Modern kitchen with black furniture, White marble worktop and backsplash. Black sink and tap, with light under a wall cabinet.

Okay, so a new kitchen might not be within your budget but there are numerous ways to spruce up this vital space in any home by investing in worktops, kitchen cupboard doors and handles. Making the right choices here can add some wow factor and give the impression of a newer, more modern installation. Talk to Creatign Sapces about your options.

Declutter in the kitchen too! Increase the impression of space by clearing away all unnecessary items such as small electricals, pots, pans and kitchen accessories. It always pays to clear away personal effects too.

Bathroom makeover

Smart traditional bathroom with obscure window glazing
Green blue antique Luxury bathroom in an old house in Tacoma, WA

People will rightly expect your bathroom space to be clean and sparkling when viewing your home, and this can make a major impression. Go for a fresh and hygienic look with minimal clutter.

You can easily action the following important improvements:-

  • Replace any broken floor and wall tiles
  • Replace poorly performing cisterns
  • Repair leaks and clean away any evidence
  • Consider painting or tiling walls using neutral colours
  • If you don’t have a shower in the house, add an over-bath shower to enhance the bathing facilities
  • Add a mirror to increase perceived space and light
  • Even the colour of your bathroom suite can matter!

Or contact Creating Spaces for a brand new bathroom design – we can also recommend skilled and professional bathroom fitters where required.

Add a garden room

Front of garden room with lighting

If you’re looking to gain valuable space and want an option that’s quick, visually attractive, usually doesn’t require planning permission under the terms of permitted development and will add to the value of your home, how about a room outside?

Property Centre report states that a quality garden cabin can add an average of 8.4% to the value of your home, depending upon the geographical location and the overall finish of the installation.

With so many people now working from home at least part-time, after the Covid pandemic, the demand for garden offices has skyrocketed. They’re well-insulated, warm and comfortable, and create a much-valued space between home life and work life. Other potential uses include entertainment rooms, art studios, workrooms, even gyms and teenage hang-out spots.

Garden rooms are designed to complement your outdoor space. They’re available in natural timber and composite options, with a range of cladding and colour choices as well as all the facilities you value in space like this – even bi-fold doors, overhangs, patios and hot tub spaces.

To add to the attraction, they’re available installed priced from around £10,000, and usually take around six weeks to install from the initial specification, plus a week on site. However, if you’re on a deadline, it’s important to recognise that external factors can sometimes add to this timeline.

There are many reputable garden room providers out there including Make Room Outside who are local to Creating Spaces Group.

Easy cosmetic improvements on a budget

It’s also possible to add value to your home if you’re on a budget, using affordable home improvement ideas that will enhance the overall look and feel of your home to prospective buyers without costing you a fortune.

Give it a lick of paint

Newly decorated bathroom makeover
Bathroom design in creamy colours with brown wooden cabinet and small window. Decorated with a plant pot on the shelf.

First impressions count, and life is a dirty business! Most rooms will benefit from a thorough cleaning, followed by a fresh coat of paint to clean up the interior and improve the domestic environment.

If you’re moving, it’s worth taking property experts’ advice to make dark rooms lighter – which also makes them seem larger – and use neutral colours. Neutral colours help people to see themselves living in a space with their possessions, able to stamp their personality on the home.

Take a critical look at the space around you – when we live somewhere, we often don’t notice the obvious defects. Make your home look well cared for. Fix the superficial problems around the home and in the garden.

If you’re handy yourself, repaint shabby areas, and repair annoying problems like dripping taps, faulty cisterns and loose tiles, or get a local handyman in to help with these jobs. Clean away mould in bathrooms and kitchens – and any other areas where it may linger.

If you don’t want to tackle this yourself there are always local tradesmen who can help.

Tidy the garden space

Well-manicured and well-maintained front garden and back garden spaces can add considerable value to your home. It doesn’t need to be a major makeover; the easiest jobs can make all the difference. Tidy up and clear the garden.

Cut back any overgrown hedges and greenery so more light can get into your house, but remember that many buyers value privacy in a garden so don’t overdo this at the expense of loss of privacy. Ensure you aren’t giving garden space to unwanted visitors like bamboo and Japanese knotweed!

Think about safety in the garden too. Fix any loose paving stones, clean slippery decking and if possible make sure the perimeter is secure, which will be of significant appeal to families with children and pets. If you need a hand with this post a job on MyBuilder or look for listings in local free papers.

If it’s the right season, it can pay dividends to invest in some cheerful pots and flowers around the exterior. Paint or treat any fencing that looks the worst for wear and ensure garden buildings look smart and well cared for.

If you’re making a garden investment, consider composite decking – it’s maintenance-free and will add appeal to your garden space for years to come.

How will you fund the improvements?

Do your homework, it may be worth remortgaging to carry out home improvements before you put it on the market. Be aware you may fall in love with your living space all over again when the work is complete – but if so, the outlay on improvements will increase the equity in your home, so the money won’t be lost!

What home improvements won’t add value?

Most home improvements will add value, but some add less than others for example, conservatories can require a significant investment but may only add around 10% to the valuation. If you’re moving there may be better ways to increase the value to your home.

Modern grey conservatory external

Wine cellars, wet rooms, swimming pools, costly wallpaper and flooring and removing a bedroom are all considered to be less than effective in the drive to improve the value of your home!


You could improve your property’s value significantly, so it’s worth evaluating how to add the most value to your home – what are the best and most affordable initiatives to yield the greatest financial benefits? Will you need planning permission? Why not check out the renovations and improvements available through the Creating Spaces Group?