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How Much Does an Orangery Cost and What Factors Affect the Price?

Historically installed as a greenhouse for fruit trees, today’s orangeries are a luxurious and elegant hybrid bringing together all the advantages of a home extension and a conservatory.

Often featuring glass on both walls and ceilings, they are beautiful spaces flooded with natural light, suitable for year-round use.

If it’s the ‘wow’ factor you’re seeking and extra living space, then an orangery is the perfect solution.

Contemporary Orangery Extension

At Creating Spaces, we design and build every imaginable design style and size of orangery, from traditional to contemporary and lantern-style constructions. Combining high ceilings with effective thermal technology, we create elegant and comfortable spaces.

An orangery offers so much more than a garden room – it’s a home extension providing multi-purpose space, ideal for day-to-day living, gracious entertaining and cosy Christmas family gatherings.

With so many different options, at Creating Spaces we are often asked about the orangery cost and orangery prices, what factors affect the pricing and how homeowners can make the most of their budgets to create a truly remarkable home extension.

Average orangery cost in 2024

Every orangery is different, which is part of the charm of this unique construction, and it is always difficult to estimate with accuracy an average price when individual choices and parameters are taken into consideration.

However, with an average cost of £1250 per square metre, the average orangery cost will be upwards of £25,000, based on an orangery measuring twenty square metres. This average orangery square metre cost includes the supply and installation of the orangery components as well as electrics, plastering and labour.

People visiting the Creating Spaces showroom often ask us the following questions, which we will try to answer here.

  • How much are the average costs?
  • What’s involved in the process?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will it be worth it and will it add value to my home?

The orangery cost will vary depending on the size, the style chosen and the options included. How the orangery adjoins the existing building will also impact upon the cost.

General Size Made From Estimated Price

Typically, a bespoke UPVC / Timber orangery will be upwards of £30,000.

A medium UPVC / Timber orangery will start at £25,000+.

It’s a great investment in your home, adding both value and aesthetic appeal, giving you a new room, and more living space and providing a beautiful room for relaxation and entertaining.

Research suggests property value will be enhanced by between 5% and 10%, and a very high-quality example could add as much as 15%.

Factors that affect the cost of an orangery

So which particular factors impact most upon orangery prices and the eventual installed orangery cost?

From size to design, location, interior styling, landscaping, requirements for planning permission, individual budgets and finishes, many different aspects will influence the price you pay for your finished orangery extension, and enable it to integrate seamlessly with your home.


The most important consideration – a large orangery will mean a greater overall cost for materials and labour. It will be your size specification that has a significant impact on the eventual orangery cost. 


The design and location of the orangery will help to determine the wall style, ranging from brick to fully glazed or dwarf walls. Larger areas of glazing usually equate to less cost, but this is not always the case.

Window & Door Frame materials and style

UPVC is a more cost-effective alternative than traditional timber for your orangery, but your decision may be influenced by your design choices in terms of orangery costs; a more traditional design may favour wood, with contemporary options matching well with UPVC. Adding features such as large bifold doors and hardwood windows will up the total cost. Aluminium glazing options are also available. 


The roof style selected for your orangery will also impact significantly the overall price. It’s the one thing that stylises the design, differentiates it from a simple conservatory and adds to the unique character of this construction. It will also affect the thermal efficiency of the living spaces.

Creating Spaces specialises in designing orangeries featuring individual roof lanterns as integral sections in flat roof designs, or a design where the entire roof is a single glass lantern.

It’s also important to build in roof vents to the roof lantern to ensure the space is well-ventilated in summer weather.

Foundations and groundwork

Every property is different, every site varies and there will always be site-specific issues. Uneven terrain and poor-quality soil conditions can add to the cost, and laying a concrete slab for foundations is a time-consuming task.

On average, the groundwork for proper foundations for orangeries can cost upwards of £4,000. At Creating Spaces, we always assess to determine what will be required before building work commences.


Including optimum levels of insulation for roofs, walls and floors may increase orangery prices, but will pay off in the long run with a more energy-efficient space all year round. The orangery depends on excellent levels of insulation for comfort in all seasons.

Additional costs

When you’re considering the cost of a new orangery project, there is a whole list of considerations that may be considered extras by your contractor, such as:-

  • Plastering
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Electrical sockets and electrical installations
  • Ventilation
  • Internal pelmets
  • Cornices to hide guttering
  • Interior finishes

Remember you may need to factor in the cost of landscaping in terms of remedial work in the garden, as well as extra touches that may increase orangery costs but will help to make your orangery both special and unique.

What’s included in the cost of an orangery from CSG?

At Creating Spaces, we offer a comprehensive package for those looking to add an orangery to their homes. You can expect to find all the following included in our quote:-

  • Planning the look and feel
  • Footings and foundations
  • Labour costs and material costs
  • Electrics and lighting
  • Heating options
  • Tidying the surrounding area
  • Warranty – add detail here

Do orangeries cost more than conservatories?

An orangery is a more complex structure than a simple conservatory, which is usually made up using UPVC frames and double-glazed units.

An orangery will usually include some traditional building systems as well as the glazed units and more challenging structural requirements which must adhere to building regulations around roof lantern options and structural support.

This increases the cost of orangery design and build.

Is planning permission required?

Orangeries are generally regarded as coming within the scope of permitted development, where planning permission is not required. However, it is always worth seeking advice from your local planning office to ensure your proposed orangery extension does not contravene basic requirements.

  • It must not span more than half the width of your existing home
  • It must not cover more than 50% of the land which surrounds your home
  • You may not include balconies or raised platforms
  • It must not be more than four metres high
  • Additional regulations may apply if it is situated within two metres of your boundary.

How long does an orangery take to build?

There are several different stages involved in deciding to add an orangery as an extension to your home.

Initial consultation – at Creating Spaces, we discuss our customers’ individual preferences and choices in detail, looking at the design potential, the feasibility and the cost implications of the project.

Design process – the production of more detailed plans for the orangery installation.

Practicalities – if required, the time involved in obtaining planning permission, is dependent upon your geographical location, your existing property and the proposed site of the orangery.

Once all the formalities are complete, the groundwork can begin. Again, this will be dependent upon each property and site.

We then move to the construction phase. Again, this is a size and detail dependent process – a larger, more complex orangery will take longer to build than a smaller, more basic structure. Walls will be built, and glazing and roofing will be installed.

Then it’s time for the finishing touches, including internal electrics, plastering, flooring and internal decorations.

Timescales are notoriously difficult to predict with accuracy, as they can be affected by many different variables, including weather which can add to orangery costs. However, from initial consultation through to the completed build can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks or beyond. Expect to have contractors on site for a minimum of two weeks.


Achieving a result that matches your aspirations is critical, and it’s important to understand price is never the only factor, and making the cost of an orangery cheaper will probably not yield the best results. Particularly with a high-impact addition to your home like a dream orangery extension, choosing the cheapest option may not be the best route in the end in terms of potential added value and wow factor

It’s also vital to factor in the reputation of the contractor you choose to design and build your orangery. Look at their accreditations and their track record. The warranty they offer on the finished orangery should also have a significant bearing on your eventual decision.

Why not book an initial consultation with Creating Spaces? We welcome customers to our showrooms to talk about what is possible and to produce a quote for building your perfect orangery with timeless appeal.