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Weatherproof your possessions with Biohort's outdoor storage solutions

All Biohort metal products are made from hot-dipped galvanised steel plate with a zinc coating, and all sidewalls and roof panels are protected inside and out by a polyamide coating – all to ensure that your storage solution will endure whatever the weather throws at it.

We’ve listed a few of our most popular products below.

Biohort Equipment Locker

With the Biohort Equipment Locker you can store your garden implements, tools, children’s playthings and other similar items protected from rain and theft. Its compact size and elegant design allow the Equipment Locker to blend in harmoniously with its surrounding.

The Equipment Locker is available in 3 sizes (90, 150, 230) and 4 colours (metallic silver, dark green, metallic dark grey and metallic quartz grey).

Biohort AvantGarde Garden Shed

The Biohort garden shed AvantGarde lives up to its name. It’s an extremely robust and sturdy metal garden shed which meets the requirements of modern architecture.

The shapely design combined with its many practical advantages ensures that daily use is free of problems and full of pleasure. The life long freedom from maintenance saves both money and valuable time.

Biohort LeisureTime Box

­The Biohort LeisureTime Box stores away all items, for which there is no suitable place. Ideal for storing away cushions (cushion box), sun loungers, folding chairs, toys, sports and camping equipment.

The perfect storage solution for all your outdoor stuff! Attractive and durable in 5 colours (metallic bronze, metallic silver, white, metallic dark grey and metallic quartz grey) and 5 sizes (100, 130, 160HIGH , 180, 200) available.

Biohort Dustbin Storage

Often dustbins disturb the overall visual appearance of a house. Biohort therefore offers design-oriented solutions that make your disposal site a real eye-catcher.

In contrast to wooden alternatives, Biohort’s metal products are maintenance-free and do not need to be painted. All solutions are rainwaterproof, rustproof and weatherproof. Biohort scores points over low-price suppliers with double sheet thickness.