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Why Composite Doors?

Thermal Efficiency

With energy ratings going up our high thermal efficiency doors lock the heat in keeping your energy bills down. Entrance GRP Composite doors provide you with the look of a timber door without compromising the heat loss of a solid timber door.

Their high performance insulating core keeps the heat ‘locked’ inside your home and has proven to be up to 19% more thermally efficient compared to standard timber doors. Entrance doors also boast a U-Value reading of 1.6 or less when the rate required is at least 1.8.

Superior Security

From our impact resistant doors to our Police approved, high security locking systems, an Entrance door will keep your family safe and the unwanted out. 


With 32 door styles, 38 colours, 11 glass designs and 8 door component finishes, there are never ending combinations to make your door unique to your personality.