Kitchen trends 2023

1. Boiling Water On Tap

With brands like Quooker at the forefront, boiling taps are currently the most popular appliance choice for any sized kitchen.

2. Pantry Storage

With so many different types of pantries available, they are expected to become more popular. We can design a pantry space to fit almost any kitchen, from breakfast pantries to conceal appliances for a minimalist look to walk-in food pantries

3. Dark Coloured Cabinetry

Rich dark colours are becoming more popular in 2023, with British racing green and navy blue being popular choices. These colours complement copper, brushed brass and chrome brassware.

4. Statement Chimneys

Chimney breasts and mantel designs are a huge trend for kitchens in 2023 and beyond, kitchens are taking inspiration from how we anchor the living room around the mantelpiece. Kitchens used to have simple brackets and shelving mounted above the cooking area. Today, we’ve expanded on this traditional concept to create eye-catching chimney designs with intelligent storage solutions and space for cutting-edge extraction.

5. Multi Purpose Islands

Kitchen islands are evolving to serve multiple functions as a focal point, including storage, a workspace, cooking countertops and much more. An island adds a social element to a kitchen that works well for both entertaining and daily use. Seating transforms an island and adds more casual seating space, while drawers, a wine fridge, or open bookcases on the back of the island look great while also being functional. From a design standpoint, it’s the ideal time to be bold with colour and add a pop of colour that is bolder than the rest of your kitchen cabinets to make it really stand out.